Oracular Arts and Crafts: A Rune Casting Tapestry, Part 4 and Final!

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A refresher, since it’s been a while from the beginning of this project:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Well, THAT took much longer than I expected. Not in the total number of hours to complete, but the number of months (19 total) that it took me to put in the time. All things considered (such as my travel schedule for my day job), that’s not unrealistic, but I did have vague hopes of finishing it in one year.

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for—the finished piece!

The Completed Piece

It’s not perfect. There are approximately 5,000 things wrong with it, but the important thing is that IT IS COMPLETE. DONE. FINIS.

I learned a great deal from doing this first piece.

*Two colors that look the same at night aren’t necessarily the same. To wit, the center piece in two different shades of cream. Sigh.
*A horizontal frame is not a good choice for my neck.
*Don’t weave when you’re tired. Or, at least, I shouldn’t. Pretty much every wonky bit of edge weirdness on this piece is a point where I thought, “I’m tired, I’ll just do two more rows and go to bed”. Yeah, no, STOP. Just stop weaving and go to bed.

However, I am pleased enough with it to use it. I dedicated it to the Nornir, and it’s now on my divination table/Loki altar/shared altar, and yay! It’s DONE!

Next, to test out a rigid heddle loom and see if that’s the way to go for the next project!

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