Daily Poem: Old Woman with a Walker – H. Edgar Hix

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Old Woman with a Walker
~ H. Edgar Hix

She wears her life like
she wears her lipstick:
broad, too bright, and of
her own volition.


Daily Poem: Far ~ James Owens

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~ James Owens

He sees it is hard now
not to be scattered
among shadows,

and the memory of voices
that calls him back
also calls him away,

as broken as the air broken into snow
or weeping now and
hands heavy with broken

hands full of


Medieval History: Pola of Rome, A Medieval Jewish Female Scribe

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Something I hadn’t considered before: whereas the Christians had a system of monasteries to copy their holy texts, the Jews did not have the luxury of permanent establishments, particularly in the middle ages. Finding this article by Cait Stevenson on Pola of Rome, a medieval female Jewish scribe, was one of the best parts of my Sunday.

Pola describes herself in the colophons of the three manuscripts of hers that are known as the “daughter of R. Abraham the scribe.” She was active in the late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries. Based on the colophons and dedications in the manuscripts, she was married at least once, and had a son named Solomon. That a woman could have a career as a scribe and still fulfill her societal roles of wife and mother is no small thing, and helps to dispel the commonly-held notion that women were excluded from professional careers and artistic expression during this time.

I encourage you to click through and read the entire article; it’s a fascinating look at a particular aspect of medieval life that isn’t generally included in the history books.


Daily Draw for November 16, 2018

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I just *had* to share my personal draw for today:

“Everything is a disaster, and everyone is losing their minds, but have a nice day!”

The deck is The Giants’ Tarot, a collaborative work by a group of artists organized by Raven Kaldera.


Daily Poem: love poem ~ Linda Pastan

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love poem
~ Linda Pastan

I want to write you
a love poem as headlong
as our creek
after a thaw
when we stand
on its dangerous
banks and watch it carry
with it every twig
every dry leaf and branch
in its path
every scruple
when we see it
so swollen
with runoff
that even as we watch
we must grab
each other
and step back
we must grab each
other or
get our shoes
soaked we must
grab each other


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