Daily Poem: Say It ~ Joyce Sutphen

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Say It
~ Joyce Sutphen

Say that it is the continuous life
you desire, that one day might stretch into
the next without a seam, without seeming
to move one minute away from the past
or that in passing through whatever comes

you keep coming to the faces you love,
never leaving them entirely behind.

Say that it is simply a wish to waste
time forever, lingering with the friends
you’ve gathered together, a gradual
illumination traveling the spine,
eyes brimming with the moment that is now.

Say that it is the impulse of the soul
to endure forever. Say it again.


Daily Poem: Weather ~ Faith Shearin

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~ Faith Shearin

There is weather on the day you are born

and weather on the day you die. There is

the year of drought, and the year of floods,

when everything rises and swells,

the year when winter will not stop falling,

and the year when summer lightning

burns the prairie, makes it disappear.

There are the weathervanes, dizzy

on top of farmhouses, hurricanes

curled like cats on a map of sky:

there are cows under the trees outlined

in flies. There is the weather that blows

a stranger into town and the weather

that changes suddenly: an argument,

a sickness, a baby born

too soon. Crops fail and a field becomes

a study in hunger; storm clouds

billow over the sea;

tornadoes appear like the drunk

trunks of elephants. People talking about

weather are people who don’t know what to say

and yet the weather is what happens to all of us:

the blizzard that makes our neighborhoods

strange, the flood that carries away

our plans. We are getting ready for the weather,

or cleaning up after the weather, or enduring

the weather. We are drenched in rain

or sweat: we are looking for an umbrella,

a second mitten; we are gathering

wood to build a fire.


Daily Poem: alignment ~ Amy Saul-Zerby

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~ Amy Saul-Zerby

not that i
but that
i want to;

that i would like
my intentions
to mean something,

if not to you, then
to the sky.

i’d like the moon
to tell me
how i got here.

would like for it
to matter how
i got here,

if not to you,
then to an empty

if not to you,
then to the air.

to feel that there’s
a reason for

ssomething is
if you let it be

i am trying
to let it be.


Community Altar for June 2017

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Community Altar June 2017

Community Altar June 2017

The theme for this month’s community altar is “Fathers”, because Father’s Day here in the US is June 18.

The images are Loki, standing between his biological father, Farbauti, and his foster-father, Surt.

I couldn’t find a good image of Surt, so instead I am using a photograph of the eruption of the Fimmvörðuhálsi volcano in Iceland in 2010, taken by Vilhelm Gunnarsson that is on a postcard I found in Iceland. As Surt is the King of Muspellheim, a volcanic eruption seems an apt representation of Him.

Loki is so often thought of as the father (and mother) of various children of many realms, I felt that depicting Him with His two fathers would be a good way of recognizing those whose presence and absence influenced Him as He grew into adulthood, and which directly influenced HIs approach to fatherhood.

Even though Surt was Loki’s foster-father, He was a real father in the ways that mattered to the young boy, being the primary male influence during Loki’s childhood due to Farbauti’s absence.

If you have unresolved emotions about your own father(s), I hope this image will be helpful in your work of dealing with those issues.

If you have a good relationship with your father(s), I hope this image brings you joy.

Hail the Fathers!


Daily Poem: The Quest ~ Denise Levertov

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The Quest
~Denise Levertov

High, hollowed in green
above the rocks of reason
lies the crater lake
whose ice the dreamer breaks
to find a summer season.

‘He will plunge like a plummet down
far into the hungry tides’
they cry, but as the sea
climbs to a lunar magnet,
so the dreamer pursues
the lake where love resides.


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