Cake and Ancestors

February 13, 2021 | Filed Under Devotions, Things I Think About | No Comments

I am pleased that eating cake is not only gratifying, it is also an act which honors the ancestors.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to honor my ancestors.

(This is today’s Candorville comic, by artist Darrin Bell.)

[Image description: A four-panel comic, featuring a woman and a man leaning forward against a wall as they speak.
Panel one: The man says, “We’re a whole generation of ingrates.”
Panel two: The man says, “Take preservatives, for instance. We whine and moan about how bad they are for us.”
Panel three: The man continues speaking, “But tell that to the 300 thousand generations of humans who starved to death during our first 2.5 million years on Earth. I bet they’d have thought preservatives were worth the risk.”
Panel four: The woman says, “I still don’t think you should eat that cake you left out last night.” The man replies, “It would be an insult to our ancestors if I didn’t!”
End description.]

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