We’ve All Had This Client

February 6, 2021 | Filed Under Tarot, Runes, Oracles | No Comments

Today’s Non Sequitur Cartoon by Wiley Miller:

Full description in post.


[Image description: A four-panel comic, featuring a woman holding Tarot cards on the left, and a man on the right. The table between them has a few cards on it.
First panel: The woman says, “The spirits speak to me through the cards.”
Second panel: The man points at the cards and replies, “Hey . . . if the next card is the ten of spades, you’ve got a royal flush!”
Third panel: The woman stares at the man, who is showing a big smile. There is no dialogue.
Fourth panel: The woman says, “The spirits think you might have a gambling problem.”
The man replies, “Whoa . . .  you are good!”]

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