Summer Solstice Wishes to All

June 20, 2020 | Filed Under Devotions | No Comments

So many people love this day! It’s bright! It’s warm! It’s time to do ALL THE SUMMER THINGS!

It’s an absolute trainwreck for those of us with Summer S.A.D. My consolation is that, starting tomorrow, the days are getting shorter, even if only by a minute or two; soon, it will be September, and the sun will move south and leave me in peace. Today, I am with my friends in the Southern Hemisphere, celebrating the Winter Solstice, reveling in the cold and dark.

However, I acknowledge the importance of sunlight—plants need sunlight to grow, plants are food, I like eating, etc.

In honor of the good parts of summer, I present:

With thanks to the Church of Satan, who included it in their Summer Solstice post.

For those of you who enjoy the summer, make the most of it! For the rest of us—only three months to the Autumnal Equinox!

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