Today! “Bindrunes for Magical and Practical Purposes” at PantheaCon 2019

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Good morning, PantheaCon! Happy Saturday!

Today at 1:00 PM in the Boardroom (2nd floor), I’ll be presenting “Bindrunes for Magical and Practical Purposes.

While you can combine runes to create words (who doesn’t like spelling their name in other alphabets?), runes can also be combined to join their energies for magical purposes. Bindrunes can be used to create talismans to empower the wearer with good health, cleverness, strength, and other qualities. Runes can also be combined to create a symbol of personal power, or as a way of marking your possessions so others know the owner of that cup, dagger, or other very cool object. We will create our own talismans.

Basic drawing supplies provided, but you are welcome/encouraged to bring your own. Translation: if you have drawing supplies (pencils, pens, markers), please bring them—if nothing else, you will know you have the colors you want!

2 Responses to “Today! “Bindrunes for Magical and Practical Purposes” at PantheaCon 2019”

  1. I was in this class & didn’t get a handout. I remember you saying you’d post them by the next day. Are they hiding somewhere on here or haven’t you gotten to it yet? (Let’s blame laguz)

    Either way, like I said in the hallway… that class rocked my world. You are an incredible teacher. The idea of drawing runes onto my food has been such made such a huge impact on my sandwich magik haha

  2. Hi, Kai – I queued the post, but didn’t remember to set it to “public”. You can find the post with the links here:

    I’m so glad the class was helpful! If you feel like sharing your creations, please do email me—it’s always interesting to see what people create! (Sandwich photos would be awesome!)

    Thanks for checking in!


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