Community Altar for December 2018

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I fussed a lot with this month’s community altar, adding items to symbolize various aspects of the Solstice, and wasn’t happy with any of the arrangements. So, I took off everything except the candles (that Returning of the Light thing), and the flowers (Because Flowers). With the half-light, half-shadow effect on the flowers, this was exactly what I had in mind—and was a good reminder that sometimes I can get carried away with trying too hard.

Community Altar December 2018 - Winter Solstice

Community Altar December 2018 – Winter Solstice

My Solstice Prayer for this year:

Tonight, the world is dark.
As I light this candle,
Its light inspires me
To see myself more clearly,
To know myself better,
To love myself more wholly,
That I live happy, healthy, whole, and holy.

Tonight, the world is dark.
As I light this candle,
Its light inspires me
To see others more clearly,
To know them better,
To love them more wholly,
And help them to live happy, healthy, whole, and holy.

As the light returns,
I see the world more clearly,
And know what my part is
In the restoration
Of the heart of the world.

I also created a Winter Solstice Spread to accompany this month’s altar, which you can find here.

Wishing you a joyful Winter Solstice!


2 Responses to “Community Altar for December 2018”

  1. I love this! And yes, it also me omg. I wonder if we are undoing that whole super-woman thing we inherited from society and our mothers in the late 70s/early 80s? That expectation that EVERYTHING MUST BE PERFECT? Because what you ended up with, that gorgeous altar, *is* perfect. Well done, indeed!

  2. Thank you, Karen! I am pleased with how it turned out, and it was a good reminder to just let things be. For me, it is certainly that inheritance–my mother was *perfect* in every way (well, except for the chain-smoking and anorexia, which I’m certain were the direct result of anxiety created by the Need to Be Perfect that she had internalized). She was definitely a Super Woman: important career, immaculate house, her person always perfectly well-groomed and tastefully dressed. I am better about identifying that perfectionist part of myself, even if some days it takes longer than others to realize. *hugs*

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