A Gift for Angrboda

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Wandering through the crowd outside the Ferry Building in San Francisco recently, I scanned the various crafts booths as I walked. Mostly the usual items—jewelry, artwork, clothing, and ceramics. And then—ooh, shiny!—a table with a long glass case containing many knives. So of course I had to stop to look!

The artisan is Duckhee Lee of DJ Craft. He has a few examples of the knives on his website, but since each is unique, it’s best to see them in person. He will send you photos of the current stock if you don’t happen to be in San Francisco. He also has an Instagram account: djcraft51.

Here are a few of the lovely items that called to me across the sidewalk:

Obsidian Knives in Glass Case

Obsidian Knives

We had a wonderful conversation, in which Duckhee explained the process of flintknapping, which is making blades from stone. Obsidian is volcanic rock, sometimes called volcanic glass. The handles are made of wood or antler (sustainably gathered), and wrapped with leather. He also makes pendants (you can see a couple in the photo).

This is the one that called to me—it made me think of Angrboda:

Obsidian Knife for Angrboda

As I examined it, Duckhee explained that it was meant to skin animals. Definitely an Angrboda thing. So, it came home with me, and now adorns my Angrboda altar:

Angrboda Altar

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