Community Altar for July 2018: Sunna

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It’s July, and peak summer here in the Northern Hemisphere. While I am not a fan of summer (I am a winter person, and am happiest when it’s cold and dark), I understand that many people love summer and thrive in the light and heat. Also, I understand basic science, and know that we cannot survive without the sun, so I can appreciate the results, if not the experience, of the summer season—summer sun means a good harvest in the fall, which means having enough food to survive the winter.

Community Altar July 2018—Sunna

Putting together the altar really brought home to me how much I work with the cool energies of water and air. I have exactly one warm-colored candle holder, and three red crystals—one piece of amber, and two pieces of red jasper. I have always liked the energy of jasper, both green and red, and never thought much about it until it dawned on me that I was born in Jasper County. Sometimes I’m really quick to figure things out; other times, it takes me 50-some years.

Prayer to Sunna

Hail, Sunna!
You, who brings light,
brings warmth,
brings life!

We greet you each day:
The joy of dawn as light fills the sky
and hope fills our hearts
for the day ahead.

We bless you each day:
The sun at high noon
gives us the strength to live
in the creative fullness of being.

We thank you each day:
Sunset draws the day
to a close,
and sends us to our well-earned rest.

We thank you, Sunna, for your gifts of light, warmth, joy, and life, and we offer you our gifts of grateful hearts and passionate souls.

May Sunna bless you with joy, vitality, and creative passion!

Note: The wonderful artwork of Sunna is by AnnaIceFlames on DeviantArt.

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