Community Altar for May 2018: Mothers of the Norse Pantheon

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This month’s Community Altar is dedicated to Mothers of the Norse Pantheon, being as May is when Mother’s Day falls in the U.S.


A closer view:

From left to right: Frigg, Sigyn, Bestla, Laufey, Angrboda. The Frigg image is from Pinterest (no artist credit, despite searching for one) and the other four images are from The Giants’ Tarot.

Frigg is the wife of Odin, and mother of Baldr.

Sigyn is the wife of Loki, and mother of Narvi and Vali.

Bestla is the wife of Bor, and the mother of Odin, Vili, and Ve.

Laufey is the wife of Farbauti, and the mother of Loki.

Angrboda is the wife of Loki, and the mother of Fenris, Jormundgand, and Hela.

Bestla and Laufey are the Matriarchs, starting the direct lines of descent which tie together many of the key figures in the Norse pantheon.

Frigg, Sigyn, and Angrboda each carry a facet of the Mourning Mother, each having lost one or more children to death or kidnapping.

Each of these Goddesses represent the fierce love, devotion, strength, and courage that are associated with maternal care.

Many of us had, and perhaps still have, difficult relationships with our mothers. We can work with these Goddesses, individually or collectively, to heal ourselves and those relationships.

I offer this prayer for all of us this Mother’s Day:

Prayer to the Mothers

Great Mothers, hear me as I pray to You.

Bestla, mother of murderous creators, slayers of Ymir, makers of Midgard,
Give me the strength to create the world anew,
Better, more fair, more just, more free.
Give me strength to create myself anew,
Wiser, kinder, more loving, more free.

Great Mothers, hear me as I pray to You.

Laufey, mother of the Trickster, Himself both mother and father,
Teach me to bear the heat of creation,
To endure the pangs as I birth my fire,
Bringing my gifts into the world,
Bringing light and heat and change and love.

Great Mothers, hear me as I pray to You.

Angrboda, mother of monsters, three beloved, magical children,
Teach me to remain true to myself,
Standing strong in the winds of negative opinion,
Of oppression, of disregard,
Sheltering those who are gathered beneath my branches.

Great Mothers, hear me as I pray to You.

Sigyn, mother of young sons lost to fear and treachery,
Teach me loyalty and victory, teach me
Endurance and perseverance to see me through
The caves of my life, dark and dank,
And emerge victorious.

Great Mothers, hear me as I pray to You.

Frigg, mother of a golden son, felled by a small plant,
Teach me to protect those who need it,
From life’s sharp darts and arrows,
From all which would cause harm,
That they may live in joy and peace.

Great Mothers, hear me as I pray to You.

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