Shopping at Afikomen Judaica

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In search of metal candleholder inserts, I found myself at Afikomen Judaica in Claremont yesterday. Sure, I could buy them cheap from Amazon, but I’d rather not give Jeff Bezos the money. And I would have missed out on an amazing experience. How can you not love a place that has the slogan “Live. Shop. Shmooze.”?

Miriam greeted me as I entered the store, and showed me where the desired objects were to be found. But—off to the side—were BOOKS. SO.MANY.BOOKS.

I managed to exercise some amount of self-control, and came away with only four books—one on domestic rituals of the Israelite women, and three on grief and mourning (for personal use as well as preparation for hospice work).

And a set of lovely little glass oil holders and a box of tiny wicks to burn olive oil for light. (I checked to make sure I wasn’t appropriating a Shabbat item for mundane deco.)

And the aforementioned candleholder inserts.

A young woman was there with some family members to choose a Tallit for her bat mitzvah. She was trying on different ones and contemplating herself in the mirror, with the encouragement of parents and elders. It was a lovely and heartwarming thing to see.

I’ve made myself a deal that I have to read the books I bought today before I can go back to buy more.

But, really, go to this store. Even if you think there’s nothing there you want. Go. If nothing else, enjoy the welcoming atmosphere and the cheerful peace of the place.

But I guarantee that you will walk out with *something*.

Afikomen Judaica

Afikomen Judaica

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