Bindrune for Illumination, Transformation, and Inspiration

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If you are new to working with bindrunes, I suggest you read the introductory bindrune post here, then return to this post to read about this specific bindrune. Remember that working with bindrunes, as with working with any kind of magic, does not carry guaranteed results, and may produce results quite different from what you expect.

Perhaps you’re feeling stuck, uncertain what to do or how to move forward. Or you’ve been trying to accomplish something for so long, and feel that you have made no progress. This bindrune can bring you fresh energies and ideas to get back on track, or help you find a new direction and start along that path.

Bindrune for Illumination, Transformation, and Inspiration - Ziu, Dagaz, Ac

Bindrune for Illumination, Transformation, and Inspiration – Ziu, Dagaz, Ac

Ziu (left tile, yellow in bindrune): Ziu is the lightning bolt, the jolt of a new idea and new possibilities which awaken your interest and raise your energies. It’s associated with Tyr, Zisa, and Zeus, so brings in the qualities of associated with Them, including leadership, responsibility, and justice, as well as great creativity.

Dagaz (center tile, gold in bindrune): Dagaz is the tipping point, where the energies shift from the old to the new, carrying you to a new place and new possibilities. It’s the breakthrough, the moment of transformation from Then to Now. This rune is associated with Loki, and brings in some of His improvisational energies and spur-of-the moment ideas.

Ac (right tile, purple in bindrune): Like the oak tree with roots deep in the earth as it reaches for the sky, you can be grounded in the practical aspects of your life, while aspiring and working towards new goals. Ac brings in the magical and shamanic energies of Angrboda, so you are tapping into both practical and magical sources for your work.

The bindrune on the left was done in colored pencil. The one on the right was done with fine point calligraphy markers. They are shown in two different media to give an idea of how the same bindrune looks different depending on how it is created.

You could put a drop of a mint oil for inspiration, or a drop of cinnamon or other warm, spicy oil to bring in fiery creative energies. You could also use your favorite oil on it to reinforce the energy with your personal scent. You can also use a magical oil, such as a hoodoo oil or other type of specially prepared oil.

Use this bindrune—and all bindrunes—entirely at your own risk.

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