Landing on Your Feet – The World’s First Happy Tower Spread

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This spread is based on the Rider-Waite-Smith style of Tower card.

Tower Card from the Rider-Waite-Smith 1910 version

RWS 1910 version

Often, when the Tower card turns up (regardless of which deck you’re reading with), the initial reaction is, “Oh, no, not this card!”

I’ve created a spread to approach the Tower card (and associated events) from a positive perspective.

Lay the cards out as shown:

Landing on Your Feet

Landing on Your Feet

1. Lightning. What has ignited your soul?

2. Crown. What has expanded your mental awareness?

3. Falling female figure. What old emotional patterns can you break free of with this change?

4. Falling male figure. What old thought patterns can you break free of with this change?

5. The unshakeable foundation. Even if your world has been turned upside down, you still have the ground under your feet. What is supporting you at this time?

Give it a try—it’s Tower-iffic!


2 Responses to “Landing on Your Feet – The World’s First Happy Tower Spread”

  1. Love this. And so very true with the tower in hindsight when it has shown up for me.
    What is solid ground vs what is trappings that were holding you down – much like a rocket taking off to the stars

  2. Thanks for the comment, Star! Yes, the Tower event seems like a terrible thing at the time, but often proves to be exactly what needed to happen.

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