I work with my clients in the ways that are most helpful and meaningful for them. That might be through a Tarot or Rune reading, creation of a personal bindrune, group classes or individual instruction in Tarot or Runes, or engaging with me to navigate life passages.

Passages and Celebrations
“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”, John Lennon sang to us. Sometimes we plan for life passages—partnering, marriage, birth, moving home, entering our crone or sage years—and sometimes life sets its own timeline for events such as separation, loss, or death. I can help you navigate your passage with an emotionally supportive and meaningful ritual. Whether your need is for a public rite to share with family, kindred, coven, or community, or a personal ritual to enact for yourself, let’s find a healing way for you to acknowledge the difficult changes, and a joyous way to celebrate the sweet times. Contact me to discuss how we can find your way forward on your path.

Personal Bindrunes
Need an extra something to deal with a situation? Whether you need a jolt of confidence for a job interview, theatrical audition, or similar event; an energetic jumpstart to begin or resume a project; or simply a boost for your flagging enthusiasm, a personal bindrune can help. Your requested bindrune is created as I make my own—hand-drawn on parchment with colored inks, infused with energetic intentions, and smudged with herbs or oils for additional effectiveness. Bindrunes are made individually as ordered, and can take up to two weeks to create, depending on my schedule. Contact me to order a custom bindrune.

Workshops and Classes
I am currently developing a new set of rune workshops to begin in 2018. I’ll post them here when registration opens!

Individual Lessons:
If the scheduled workshops don’t fit in your calendar, let’s set up some individual sessions! In addition to the group classes, I offer one-to-one online lessons in Tarot and Runes, live and in real time. Contact me and let me know your interests and availability, and we’ll set up your lessons.

I offer email consultations with Tarot and/or Runes. I am currently not offering live consultations.

Please see the bottom of the page for important information about scheduling.

One Burning Question
This three-draw email consultation focuses on one clearly defined question. The result is most effective when you have considered your situation and clarified your options, and are looking for insight into those options. The more general your question, the more general the answer will be. Taking time to create a focused question will give a better result. You can purchase multiple consultations to cover multiple questions (for example, if you have a career question and a relationship question, you would purchase two consultations, one question per reading).

Scheduling: I work Monday through Thursday, and my hours on those days vary. I am not available on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. If you contact me on these days, I will reply to your message by the end of my work day on Monday.

When you purchase an email consultation, you must specify your *one* question in the checkout process. If you provide your clearly stated question with your purchase, you will receive your consultation response via email by the end of the second work day. If you do not specify a question during checkout, or if your question is not sufficiently clear for me to perform the consultation, I will follow up with you by the end of the next work day to sort out your question. You will receive your consultation response via email by the end of the second work day after I receive your usable question.

Click here to request an email consultation.

Third party readings: I don’t do them. Full stop. If you want to make someone take a particular course of action, or not do a particular thing, that’s manipulation—and bad karma. I focus on helping you discover your path of right action, so you can make your own choices about what is best for you. It’s your reading, and it is all about you.


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