“The Spectrum Generation” by Carolina De Robertis

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I needed a break from work on Monday, and pulled the pile of “stuff to process” that has been sitting on the corner of my desk just a bit too long. There are no time-sensitive documents or essential tasks in this pile; rather, it’s the accumulation of things I’ve read or seen that I want […]

Coffee, Conservation, and Contributions—Caffeination is a Virtue!

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For years, we’ve had the amazing Death Wish coffees, both at home and the office. Because some days, you need 708 milligrams of caffeine per 12 ounce cup (the average coffee has between 105 – 405 milligrams per 12 ounce cup), and making an offering to the gods with Valhalla Java Odinforce Blend feels right. […]

Punch Cards for Self-Care

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Punch cards are mostly associated with the early days of computer programming. Because computers could not store files, the programs and data were entered onto punch cards, which were then fed into the computer so it could move through its motions and do its job. (For a longer explanation, you can check out Computer Hope’s […]

We Do What We Can – Jon Boden

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One of my favorite English musicians is Jon Boden, who creates modern versions of classic folk songs with John Spiers as “Spiers & Boden“, with a large group of musicians as “Bellowhead“, and also releases solo works. I was driving home last night as the sun was going down, and his song “We Do What […]

Small Devotions: Newspaper Blessings

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This post is part of my Small Devotions series—small moments and small actions that are touchpoints throughout my day, which arose gradually and without a lot of planning or intent on my part, and which serve as reminders to stop and take a minute to get out of my head and restore some perspective to […]


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