Small Devotions: Newspaper Blessings

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This post is part of my Small Devotions series—small moments and small actions that are touchpoints throughout my day, which arose gradually and without a lot of planning or intent on my part, and which serve as reminders to stop and take a minute to get out of my head and restore some perspective to […]

Community Altar for March 2021

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This month’s Community Altar features Persephone, in honor of the Vernal Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere. [Image description: An altar with several lit candles, a bunch of white flowers, and two images of the Goddess Persephone.] The image on the left is by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, the Liberation card from her Dark Goddess Tarot. [Image […]

Unboxing: A New Devotional Blank Book and Cover

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My prior devotional book is wonderful to look at, with a tooled leather cover, and a nice piece of bloodstone on the front: But the paper is not equally wonderful. It does alright with a ballpoint pen, but it doesn’t work at all with fountain pens (my preferred writing tool) or calligraphy markers (for my […]

Cake and Ancestors

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I am pleased that eating cake is not only gratifying, it is also an act which honors the ancestors. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to honor my ancestors. (This is today’s Candorville comic, by artist Darrin Bell.) [Image description: A four-panel comic, featuring a woman and a man leaning forward against a […]

Small Devotions: A Blessing for Reading

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I find it’s easy to fall into being so caught up in the rush of daily life that I miss opportunities for small devotions. I’ve been working on slowing down (no, really, I have—there’s nothing like a set of week-old abdominal incisions from surgery to make one discover the benefits of moving at a stately […]


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