Video Reconstruction of “The Gausel Queen” Grave

March 15, 2021 | Filed Under History | No Comments

Archeologist Ragnar L. Børsheim has created a short video reconstruction of “The Gausel Queen” grave, showing what the grave goods would have looked like, and mixed in the photos of the actual artifacts from the museum.

From the summary: “Among the objects were oval brooches of giltet bronze an sliver, a third brooch of massive silver, two silver bracelets and some of the finest gilted bridle mounts we have. Remains of a horses cranium are evidence that the bridle was mounted on a horses head in the grave. The bridle mounts, together with a reliquary mount and av bronze bowl were of Irish origin. There were also three drinking horns with bronze mounts in the burial. ”

This one is just over two minutes, so you can watch it right now!

Børsheim has several other (longer) historic reconstruction videos on his Vimeo page, including an Iron Age farm, a medieval church interior, and a fiery Viking funeral!

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