Arts and Crafts: More Beadwork—A Friendship Exchange Treasure Strand

October 11, 2020 | Filed Under Devotions | No Comments

My friend Tamara and I did a bead exchange from the various beads we each are using to make our treasure strands.

This is the one I created with the beads she sent me:

A strand of beads of many colors and sizes.

[Image description: A strand of beads of many colors and sizes.]

It’s a fabulous mix of amber, jasper, moonstone, glass beads, metal beads, and beads that I don’t recognize and she can’t remember what they are.

It’s now the longest strand! Since I have to re-string the strand for Loki that came undone at PantheaCon in February, I will make it a bit longer to keep a proper symmetry with this one.

First, though, I need more jump rings—somehow, I only have tiny ones that aren’t the right size for attaching to the brooches. Pictures to follow once that happens!

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