One Nice Thing: A Playlist for Adventures in the National Forest (Or Wherever You Are)

September 25, 2020 | Filed Under One Nice Thing | No Comments

Once again, our friends at The National Forest Foundation have a wonderful gift! (I mean, other than the trees, which are wonderful, too—but not exactly portable.)

NFF Staffer Matt Harmon created a Spotify playlist for wandering through the woods—or to help you imagine you are among the trees when you are stuck at home.

[Image description: The words “The Perfect Playlist For Your National Forest Adventures” appear in white letters over a background that shows teaser bits of various album covers.]

Of the 11 songs on the list, six of the songs and four of the artists were new to me. It was a delight to make so many musical discoveries at once!

Also, you must check out the last song on the playlist—it’s the perfect conclusion to this mix! (And my mother may or may not have owned this album and played it. I’m not saying, either way.)




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