One Nice Thing: Lavender Labyrinth in Santa Rosa, California

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Bees N Blooms Farm in Santa Rosa, California, is exactly what one would expect from the name—an 11-acre organic farm with a variety of flowers, honey and wax from ten colonies of honey bees, and pollinator-friendly plants and trees.

The site also has a lavender labyrinth, which contains more than 900 lavender plants and offers a half-mile of lavender-scented pathway for quiet contemplation and perambulation.

A photo of Bees N Blooms farm, with a labyrinth of lavender plants in the center.

[Image description: A photo of Bees N Blooms Farm, with a labyrinth of lavender plants in the center.]

(Image credit: Bees N Blooms Farm.)

The site has a Lavender Bloom Status tracker, so you can see which of the varieties will be in bloom when you visit.

Due to the pandemic, they are currently open only on Fridays and Sundays, with limited hours. They are observing social distancing and other pandemic protocols, so if you are planning to visit in person, do contact them ahead of time to make sure the hours haven’t changed.

Even if you aren’t in the area to visit, you can still enjoy the photos on their website, and order honey, lavender products, and other goodies from their web store.

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