One Nice Thing: Tarot Card Room Divider

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I was searching for a folding screen to use as a background for online meetings (not for my day job!), and came across this wonderful piece:

A three-panel room divider, decorated with images from the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot. The image shows both sides of the divider.

It’s much more interesting than your standard shoji screen!

While I appreciate the importance of the RWS deck, it’s not my primary deck, so I decided on this one:

A four-panel room divider. One side shows Van Gogh's painting "The Irises". The other side shows the painting "The Starry Night".

I couldn’t resist the idea of having “The Starry Night” as a background.

Although I almost went with this one:

A three-panel room divider covered in canvas printed to look like shelves of library books. The photo shows both sides of the divider. There is a bit of fancy wrought iron showing in the right panel of the front side, which is part of a spiral staircase.

but it’s not quite wide enough to cover the area.

The site has lots of interesting art prints and trompe l’oeil pieces, some beautifully carved wooden panels, as well as basic shoji screens.

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