One Nice Thing: The Elecams at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

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I love elephants, and find them fascinating. Such majestic creatures, and also playful and clever!

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee provides a home, haven, and herd for rescued elephants on their property. Currently, 11 elephants are in residence, enjoying companionship with other elephants and care for their well-being.

The Sanctuary has fourteen cameras set up in three of the habitats so we non-pachyderms can enjoy the residents’ adventures. There’s nothing quite like watching two elephants play together to brighten one’s day!

The human staff also have an Elecrafts page, so you can play along by making your own elephant-themed art projects.

Best of all, you don’t have to go to Tennessee to visit—the Sanctuary Visitors Center can arrange a virtual visit for a groups of all kinds and all ages—not just for school children!

Two Asian elephants walking in front of a set of trees.

Photo Credit: The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

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