She Who Watches Oracle by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

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The amazingly talented and wise Ellen Lorenzi-Prince has published The She Who Watches Oracle, 25 cards portraying spirits from the land of the Chinook Indians.

The cards are divided among Feather People, Fur People, and Supernatural People, and are all drawn by Ellen.

I spent Sunday evening reading the book and spending time with each card as I read.The art is compelling (of course—Ellen’s work is quite magical), and the card descriptions gave me a look at a rich mythos completely new to me, which was intriguing.

Then I did a drawing on the question of, “What can I best do to take care of myself and those who depend on me during this difficult time?”

She Who Watches Oracle by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

She Who Watches Oracle by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

I drew the first card as the answer to “What shift in my thinking is necessary now?” The Oracle provided the Dove card, which tells me that I need to acknowledge the pain and fear I feel, and to mourn the loss of the changes I’m experiencing in my life, so that I can have the mental energy to focus on what comes next and be more prepared to make the best of it. This is not a time to pretend that everything is fine and to just carry on; life requires that I be honest with myself and get clear so I can create a new way of being.

The second card was pulled in answer to “What shift in my behavior is necessary now?” The Oracle provided the Ground Squirrel card, which I see as the need to become more connected to my family, friends, and community. I have never been much for joining groups or clubs (partly due to shyness, and partly due to a deep need for quiet and solitude), but the Oracle tells me that for now, I need to find ways to create and strengthen personal and community connections in order to do my best for my friends and family—and myself.

The third card was pulled in answer to “What shift in my soul is required now?” The Oracle provided the Root card. As someone who spends a great deal of time traveling, I was amused by this, because of course, all of my travel plans for the foreseeable future are cancelled. I have suddenly found myself at home when I didn’t expect to be, and with time I didn’t expect to have, and I admit to being somewhat at a loss as to what to do now. Of course there are the usual tidying and organizing tasks, but more than that, I suddenly have time to do all the things I’ve always said I’d do if I were home. I’m still working (thank goodness—my job requires only that I have an internet connection), so the weeks are full, but I am now home on weekends, and need to figure out how to appreciate that time and make good use of it. (Which includes napping!) More than that, however, I read this as being a time that I need to dig in and make focused effort on those things I can do now that I am home, and to find new ways to structure my life to reduce distractions and make time for the important things.

I have been a fan of Ellen’s work since first meeting her many years ago, and appreciate the wisdom and artistry in all of her decks. The She Who Watches Oracle is another wonderful and helpful gift created from Ellen’s talent and wisdom.

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