Binding Spell Using Wolfsangel

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Rather than using only one Futhark, I like to mix them. I start with the Elder Futhark, mix in the Anglo-Saxon additions, and round out with some medieval runes. I like the variety, and, while a few can seem repetitive (Ansuz and Os, for example, or Sowelu and Sol), I find enough differences between them that working with all of them is helpful for me.

Which is to say, yes, I work with Wolfsangel; no, I am not a Nazi. I resent those asshats trying to steal our symbols, and am publicly working with Wolfsangel in defiance of their attempts to compromise it.

Wolfsangel is terrifically helpful for binding energies that are troublesome or outright problems. It is thus also useful in binding emotions, memories, habits, and, yes, people. For purposes of this post, I am showing how to use Wolfsangel to bind someone’s energies so that they are no longer able to bother you.

This spell is intended to protect you by binding only that which is harming you, and it is not intended to cause harm. Since you are reading my blog, you are of course an ethical person, and would not use this maliciously. What goes around, comes around, so if you misuse this spell, you are responsible for how it comes back to you.

Start with paper and writing implement of your choice. I use an Ultra Fine Point Sharpie for writing what is to be bound, and a Super Sharpie for the rest of it. I use black, because that works for me, but you can use whatever pens/pencils/markers and colors work best for you.

The first example is to bind and box. Start by writing the name of the person, or the habit, or the memory you wish to bind. In this example, it’s a person. Since even examples have power, I’m not using the name of a real person, not even a made up name; I don’t want to accidentally bind some unknown individual on the other side of the planet.

Then, start creating a box made of repeating Wolfsangel runes. Draw the rune from top to bottom, and draw the crossbar right to left. Make sure they connect at each corner to create a solid box.

Once the box is complete, cover the names with more Wolfsangel runes.


If binding and boxing feels insufficient, and you want to completely obliterate the influence of this emotion/memory/person on you, you can use this option. Start by writing the name of the emotion/memory/person vertically:

Then, draw a line through each column, from top to bottom.

Then, add the top and bottom ligatures, starting from each column, then fill in until the ligature is solid.

Then, fill in the center column, drawing from top to bottom, until it is solid.

Lastly, draw the crossbar from right to left.

As you are writing and drawing, you can speak, chant, or sing whatever feels appropriate to you. I find that “[name], I bind you, I banish you, I am free of you,” is a good start, and my subconscious takes over from there.

Now that you have this wonderfully symbolic paper, it’s time to go to the kitchen! Find a small container that can be put in the freezer. If you don’t have a suitable container in the cabinet, sauce containers from take-out food work quite well for this purpose. Fill the container halfway with water, fold the paper into the smallest possible size, and put it in the container. Put the lid on the container, and park it in the freezer. Since paper floats, it will freeze at the top of the water level. At least 12 hours later (longer, depending on your freezer), pull it out, add more water to cover the paper, and put it back in the freezer. Continue to recite, chant, or sing, as you do this part, if you wish.

Once it’s completely frozen and the paper is surrounded by ice, the spell is done.

“But, Anastasia!”, I hear you cry, “I will end up with a freezer full of barbeque sauce containers to bind all of my negative habits and bad memories!”

You are not required to keep the frozen paper forever. Once you feel that the spell has been effective, you can remove the container from the freezer, and dispose of the paper as you deem fit. Depending on what the spell is for, I may defrost the paper and then burn it, or I may take the entire ball of ice and fling it (and not the container!) into a moving body of water (not something contained, like a pond or a lake—you want something with a current or tide that will carry it away).

May this spell bring you peace of mind and freedom of being!

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