Shiny Objects and Ancestors

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The article is brief, but it does give credit where credit is due. The box of talismans and charms is the property of one of ten people found together in the ruins of Pompeii, all of whom are women or children, in a room in the servants’ quarters of a family home.

The scientists speculate that some of the objects were for personal adornment, but also acknowledge that many of them would have been used for magical purposes. None of the objects are made of gold or precious stones, so the archeologists conclude that the box belonged to a servant or slave, rather than a member of the family which owned the house.

Next time you look at your charm box (or bag, or five pound can), stop for a moment and consider your magical ancestress, and see if you can feel a connection to her work in providing hope and comfort nearly 2,000 years ago, much as you provide hope and comfort for those with whom you share your magic today.

Experts in Pompeii Have Discovered a Female Sorcerer’s Mysterious Arsenal of Charms—See Them Here


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