The Old Norse-Icelandic Calendar

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Today’s topic at Fjorn’s Hall is the Old Norse-Icelandic Calendar for 2019 -2020.

Following up on his original post about the Old Norse-Icelandic Calendar, Fjorn has incorporated new information, as well as correlating the old dates to the current year.

I’ve printed out the image and added it to my planner, because it’s fun to look at the dates and think about what I’d be doing were I living in the Viking Era, instead of the current year. (And yes, I know, planting and harvest are hard work, but some days, that sounds preferable to endless emails and perpetual meetings!)

If you’re not following Fjorn on his Fjorn’s Hall blog, I definitely recommend doing so! In addition to the blog, he produces a podcast which explores the medieval Norse through the Sagas. He also has a Patreon, which includes bonus content, and makes custom tea blends named for various Norse figures. Have some tea, read up, take a listen!

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