Your Opinion Is Not Required

June 21, 2019 | Filed Under Things I Think About | No Comments

A few months ago, a friend went through a harrowing medical situation with a family member. In discussing it with a small group of friends, she expressed her gratitude for the nurses who had carefully tended her relative and encouraged her and the family during the recovery process.

Another person in the group commented, “I can’t stand nurses. They’re rude and bossy.”

We all stared at her for a moment, then returned our attention to our friend, who continued her story.

When someone is expressing gratitude, why would you feel it necessary or appropriate to rain negativity on them? What possible good does it do anyone to diminish someone’s appreciation of something good that has happened for them? Perhaps your experience does not match theirs, but it is not helpful to anyone for you to detract from their positive experience.

Be tactful. Be mature. Be the person Mr. Rogers knew you can be. The world has enough negativity; there’s no point in diminishing something good.

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