Community Altar for June 2019

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This month’s Community Altar is dedicated to everyone who is dealing with health issues. So many people in my circles of friends have recently been confronted with significant health challenges (cancer, heart surgery, and the like) that creating an altar for healing was definitely this month’s work.

The various colors of roses represent the love and support offered by family and friends.

The Ancestor Candle (scrollwork holder, front left) represents the love and support of the Ancestors.

The Community Candle (curved holder, back right) is the energy of the Community—family, friends, and the larger community around us.

The blue candle (back, left) is inscribed with healing words and dressed with rosemary (strength), mint (reviving), and lavender (soothing) oils.

The bindrune is the center of the altar, and focuses the healing energies. The bindrune is made of three runes:
Uruz: physical strength, stamina, healing energies, to sustain you as you recuperate.
Mannaz: the self, that you may be restored to yourself.
Berkana: healing and growth, to support your energies as you heal.

This is a prayer you can recite when you are praying for someone else, or change it to the first person if you are praying for yourself. This was written for a female friend who uses she/her pronouns; adjust accordingly.

Prayer to Mengloth and Eir for Healing
by Anastasia Haysler

Hail, Mengloth! Hail, Eir!
Wise women, skilled healers,
Jotun and Asynja,
Friends and peers in your essential work,
I call upon you for healing [name]!

Bless her as she heals;

If she burns with fever, and calls for relief from the fire;
Cool her with your knowledge.

If she shakes with chill, and calls for relief from the cold;
Warm her with your herbs.

If she aches in her body, and calls for relief from the pain;
ease her aches with your charms.

If she struggles to breathe, and calls for relief from breathlessness;
return the air to her lungs with your works.

Bless her with a return to good health,
That she may be restored to her full self,
And restored to her daily life.

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