PantheaCon 2019 – Where to Find Me!

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I’ll be at PantheaCon 2019 all weekend! In fact, we came down this afternoon and are settled into the hotel.

Friday, I will be at The Divination Hospitality Suite hosted by John Hyatt and Fred West (Room 947), presenting “Tarot and Joy”. We usually turn to Tarot for answers when we’re stressed, depressed, or facing some kind of crisis on our lives. Let’s step back and look at our relationship with Tarot, and bring some joy to the conversation. We’ll discuss how we create joy in our lives, ways to spread that joy, and ways to work with the Tarot to tap into our innate joy. Just like any good friend who always listens when you’re blue, Tarot deserves to share the good times, too!

Saturday at 1:30 PM, I will be doing a workshop on “Bind Runes for Magical and Practical Purposes” in the Boardroom on the second floor. While you can combine runes to create words (who doesn’t like spelling their name in other alphabets?), runes can also be combined to join their energies for magical purposes. Bindrunes can be used to create talismans to empower the wearer with good health, cleverness, strength, and other qualities. Runes can also be combined to create a symbol of personal power, or as a way of marking your possessions so others know the owner of that cup, dagger, or other very cool object. We will create our own talismans. Basic drawing supplies provided, but you are welcome/encouraged to bring your own. (No, really, bring your own art supplies if you can!)

There are a number of workshops I plan to attend (who can resist Rachel Pollack, Mary Greer, or Kristoffer Hughes?). I will also be spending time in The Divination Hospitality Suite (Room 947) and the Sanctuary of the Braided Path (Room 960). Both of the suites will be offering various workshops, and the Sanctuary will also be conducting rituals. Check your PantheaCon program for details and times!

I have ribbons


and stickers


which can be yours for the (nicely) asking!

See you at PantheaCon!

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