Poem: Evening Ebb ~ Robinson Jeffers

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted a poem! While it might not be every day, I will be posting poems again as part of my devotions to Hela.


Evening Ebb
~ Robinson Jeffers

The ocean has not been so quiet for a long while; five nightherons
Fly shorelong voiceless in the hush of the air
Over the calm of an ebb that almost mirrors their wings.
The sun has gone down, and the water has gone down
From the weed-clad rock, but the distant cloud-wall rises. The
ebb whispers.
Great cloud-shadows float in the opal water.
Through rifts in the screen of the world pale gold gleams, and the
Star suddenly glides like a flying torch.
As if we had not been meant to see her; rehearsing behind
The screen of the world for another audience.

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