Community Altar for November 2018: Kuan Yin and Kali

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November has been a complicated month in global politics. Well, really, what month isn’t complicated? But with the elections in US and Brazil, and the ongoing Brexit negotiations, I have felt extra stress around the political events, both locally and internationally. While the US elections went better than many feared, and progress was made, we still have a ways to go here at home, and the situation in Brazil feels much like the US post-election in 2016, and the Brexit negotiations are one huge anxiety-inducing pit of chaos.

Thus, this month, we return to Kuan Yin (the small statue with candle on the left) and Kali (the tall blue glass jar candle on the right).

Community Altar Nov 2018 - Kuan Yin and Kali

Community Altar Nov 2018 – Kuan Yin and Kali

Kuan Yin is known as “she who hears the cries of the people”, and is the Bodhisattva of Compassion. She provides relief to the worried, rest to the weary, and hope to those who are lost. She brings comfort to those afflicted with grief, pain, fear, and oppression. We can pray to Kuan Yin for comfort and healing. (“Namo Kuan-Shi-Yin Pusa” means “I hail to the Bodhisattva who listens to the sound of the world.”)

Namo Kuan-Shi-Yin Pusa
Kuan Yin, I cry to You in weariness; grant me rest.

Namo Kuan-Shi-Yin Pusa
Kuan Yin, I cry to You in pain; grant me release.

Namo Kuan-Shi-Yin Pusa
Kuan Yin, I cry to You in grief; grant me peace.

Namo Kuan-Shi-Yin Pusa
Kuan Yin, I cry to You in sorrow; grant me hope.

Namo Kuan-Shi-Yin Pusa
Compassionate Mother, You who hear all the cries of your people,
I thank You for Your gift of rest.
I thank You for Your gift of release.
I thank You for Your gift of peace.
I thank you for your gift of hope.
Namo Kuan-Shi-Yin Pusa

Once we have been restored by Kuan Yin’s grace and compassion, we are ready to resume our plan of positive action, inspired by Kali.

Kali is the Hindu Goddess of time, life, creation, and death. She is a fierce Mother, and protector of Her children. Kali calls time on the oppressors, the evildoers, the ones who profit at the expense of others, and leads them to their own destruction. She leads Her children to liberation, and to creation of a new and better life. We can pray to Kali for the courage and strength to do the work to create the change our world needs.

Jai Kali!
Fierce Dark Mother,
Protector of good,
Destroyer of evil,
Bringer of strength and power and justice.
Protect me as I seek to do good in this world.
Grant me courage and strength,
That I use my power to bring justice and freedom to all.
May all who do evil fall to their own works.
May all who are oppressed be freed.
Jai Kali!


May Kuan Yin bless you with healing, and may Kali guide you with strength and courage.

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