Altar for Laufey and Farbauti

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A corner of my Loki altar is dedicated to his parents, Laufey and Farbauti. I couldn’t find candle holders that fit the miniature oil lamps I have, so I made my own! They’re round holders, shaped to fit the oil lamps, and each has a separate disk it rests on for additional stability.

Laufey and Farbauti

Corner Altar for Laufey and Farbauti

The images are from The Giants’ Tarot, a cooperative project organized by Raven Kaldera.

The leather book is an art project in progress: a miniature handmade book from Estonia that has exactly 26 pages—a title page, and one page for each rune of the Elder Futhark.

Laufey is actually looking directly at the Loki candle and his part of the altar:

Laufey and Farbauti Altar, Wide View

Laufey and Farbauti Altar, Wide View

A pleasing family tableau!

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