In Memoriam: For Darin

December 21, 2017 | Filed Under Death Work, Poem for Hela | No Comments

Requiescat In Pace, Darin, beloved nephew.

Passed into the next life this morning at age 35, 35 minutes before the return of the Light.

Love to your wife, Emily, who made a life with you.
Love to your sons, Max and Miles, who are the continuation of your life.
Love to your parents, who gave you life.
Love to your siblings, who grew into life with you.
Love to all who love you, with gratitude for the light you brought to our lives.

May your God and your Saints greet you at the Gates of Heaven.
May your Ancestors welcome you as you enter Heaven.
May your soul know know comfort and peace.

Blessings to your soul, Darin,
And to all who love you
And who mourn for you.

May we each find comfort in our loving memories of our time with you.

May we each find peace in our own time.

Small ivory pillar candle, lit.

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