Community Altar for November 2017

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Community Altar November 2017

Community Altar November 2017

November 11 is commemorated in many western countries as Armistice Day, Remembrance Day, Veterans’ Day, or by a similar name. The original day was established in observance of those who had served in World War I, at the time called “The War to End All Wars”; now in the US, it is a day to honor the veterans of all wars.

This month’s community altar honors all victims of war: those who were injured or killed fighting, the civilians who suffered and died, those who lost loved ones, homes, and years of their lives to the cruelties of war.

There are two sets of images. The lower set has Picasso’s painting of “Guernica” at the center. The image to the left is of Syrian refugees from 2012. The image to the right is Rwanda in 1994. The image at the top right is of Sandinista Rebels in Chontales jungle of Nicaragua. The final image in the lower set is of the drawing titled “Reflections” by Lee Teter, which shows a man mourning his dead friends at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC.

The top image is a peace symbol, the hope of all people, and especially of those whose lives have been destroyed by war. Within its circle are three notable women, recognized as peace advocates. The bottom of the circle is occupied by Anne Frank. The top right of the circle features Kathleen Tacchi-Morris. The circle is completed by the photo of Malala Yousafzai.

The images are black-and-white and printed on plain paper to convey the factual reality of the images, and to evoke the sense of a newspaper or a documentary, of the undeniable reality of both the horrors of war and the courageous efforts of those who work to create peace.

The images are topped by a fresh bouquet of pink roses, symbolizing peace, hope, and the sweetness of life.

The community candle is inscribed with the words “Peace”, “Justice”, and “Equality”. When these become the guiding principles of our world, we can live free of war.

Until then, we keep working to create common bonds and mutual understanding, bringing peace into the world, one person at a time.

Peace be upon you, within and without.


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