Daily Poem: Scores of People Live in Her ~ Barbara Abbs

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Scores of People Live in Her
~ Barbara Abbs

Scores of people live in her
Each different face
Wheeled out as appropriate
To fill each different space.
Aria, hymn, pop or folk,
She sings them all to order.
The wise friend
Succeeds the screaming shrew,
With scarcely a pause
The quiet gardener with trowel and trug
Changes places with the critical consumer comparing lipstick|
And testing face-cream,
Becomes the peace demonstrator
In jeans and anorak.
The wiper of noses and drier of tears
Charlston’s in the sitting-room, unseen.
The opera lover discriminating carefully
From her velvet seat
On her knees
Wipes mud and spilt food from the kitchen floor.
One man’s muse, another’s virago,
She juggles conservative friends
With radical neighbors,
Breakfasts with The Times
And lunches with ‘The Archers’
And types words of others in between.
Spinning like a Catherine wheel
Flinging sparks in all directions
She is quickly consumed.

Catherine Wheel -Image from Google

Catherine Wheel -Image from Google

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