Daily Poem: On Europa and Ripe Peaches ~ Marsha S.

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On Europa and Ripe Peaches
~ Marsha S.

What a burning, broken universe—
incalculable, devastating,
things we can’t imagine.
We attach names familiar to us
Titan, Europa, Calypso
but they are still mighty and immeasurable, terrifying—

but don’t think of all that.
It’s too big.
It’s too sad.

Think of this:

It’s sublime and impossible that we even exist
with our
soft flesh and our wet eyes,
our music, our sins,
our jealous lovers,
our moments of bliss,
and love— god, love…
more immeasurable
more incalculable
than the universe,
than whatever it is
that the universe wonders about.

Our smallness shouldn’t humble us.
We are tiny demigods
watching the universe expand
from our lawn chairs
while we eat ripe peaches
with sticky hands and smiling mouths.

Peach by Rosemary Washington

Peach by Rosemary Washington


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