A Gratitude Reading

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I’m reposting this from a few years ago, because it’s just as relevant. Enjoy! Tarot. Thanksgiving. They both start with the letter T. Sometimes they’re both filled with things we’d rather not deal with (Cousin Sarah’s obnoxious boyfriend, jello salad with coconut topping, the Ten of Swords followed by the Tower).  On the plus side, […]

Spread for Dealing with Anxiety

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When you are feeling anxious about something, try this spread to sort out your thoughts and feelings. By identifying the genuine worry at the root of the anxiety, and resolving the misperceptions which feed the anxiety, you will find a way to redirect the anxious energy into positive action. You can use this spread with […]

The World Dancer Spread

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The World card can be difficult to interpret when it comes up. This spread can help you better understand the World card as it usually appears in Rider-Waite-Smith style decks.   World Dancer Spread Separate the deck into five piles – the Majors and each Suit. Shuffle each pile so the cards are in random […]

Landing on Your Feet – The World’s First Happy Tower Spread

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This spread is based on the Rider-Waite-Smith style of Tower card. Often, when the Tower card turns up (regardless of which deck you’re reading with), the initial reaction is, “Oh, no, not this card!” I’ve created a spread to approach the Tower card (and associated events) from a positive perspective. Lay the cards out as […]


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