The Saga of Gudmund the Grunch—A Recently Discovered Yule Story!

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The presenters of the Saga Thing podcast present an entertaining recitation of a recently-discovered tale, “The Saga of Gudmund the Grunch“! A fun way to spend 18 minutes of your Yule!   [Image description: A furry green cartoon character waering an eyepatch and a grey hat in the style of Odin, and the words “The […]

Shab-e-Yalda: Observing the Winter Solstice with Poetry and Pomegranates

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If you are looking for new ideas to mark the Winter Solstice, this article by Elmira Jafari about Shab-e-Yalda (also called “Shab-e-Chelleh”) has some inspiration! The festival was adopted by the Persians from the Babylonians, and is celebrated in modern times in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan as well. In addition to keeping a fire […]

Kickstarter for Medieval Views Virtual Arts Festival

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This is a fun and interesting Kickstarter project from Dr. Dayanna Knight! The Medieval Views Virtual Arts Festival is “A community building and uplifting art show centered around medieval themed art of all types.” It’s an all-or-nothing project, and funding closes December 10, 2020 – check it out! [ID: A drawing of a medieval village […]

Oslo 1324, A Project of the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research

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The Norsk Institutt for Kulturminneforskning (Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research) has created a website based on its work to reconstruct the city of Oslo in the year 1324. Along with information in text, the site contains a two-minute video of a walk though the city and some of its structures at the time, complete […]

UPG Is a Reconstructionist Practice

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UPG = Unverified Personal Gnosis. If you are not familiar with this term, or why some people have issues around UPG vs. Historical Lore, I recommend this article by John Beckett and this article from The Rational Heathen as background. I spend a fair amount of time on, a wonderful trove of well-researched, well-considered […]


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