Shiny Objects and Ancestors

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The article is brief, but it does give credit where credit is due. The box of talismans and charms is the property of one of ten people found together in the ruins of Pompeii, all of whom are women or children, in a room in the servants’ quarters of a family home. The scientists speculate […]

The Old Norse-Icelandic Calendar

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Today’s topic at Fjorn’s Hall is the Old Norse-Icelandic Calendar for 2019 -2020. Following up on his original post about the Old Norse-Icelandic Calendar, Fjorn has incorporated new information, as well as correlating the old dates to the current year. I’ve printed out the image and added it to my planner, because it’s fun to […]

Adventures at the Danish National Museum, Copenhagen

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My recent business trip took me to Copenhagen (I know, my job is so rough!), where I was able to visit the Danish National Museum. As you might imagine, it’s rich with Viking history, part of the comprehensive overview of 14,000 years of history covered by the exhibits. It’s big. Really big. I spent an […]

David Palladini: An Appreciation

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Dear David, Today would have been your 73rd birthday. You left this world, and the people who love you, just a few weeks ago, but it feels like an eternity. I had hoped to have one more visit with you, one more chance to hold your hand and see you smile, while I tell you […]

All Your Magic Are Belong To Us: Corvid Longcoat

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My esteemed colleague and dear friend Corvid Longcoat does occasional guest pieces over at Adventures in Woo Woo (a blog devoted to “Chaos Magic and Art”). This week, he wrote about magic, cave art, and magical traditions in a piece titled “All Your Magic Are Belong To Us“. Do click over and read it; I’ll […]


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