And Then There’s Farbauti: Thoughts on Loki’s Father

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The subject of Farbauti came up on Tumblr in this post, and, well, I Have Thoughts. Pull up a chair, choose a beverage, and let’s chat about Farbauti. We know very little about him from the myths, as the few mentions are both fragmentary and filtered through the lens of the Christian scholars who wrote […]

Adventures in the Kitchen: Viking Bread

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Somehow, on my travels around the internet, I landed on this page at The Dockyards, a Viking history site, which led me to this video on baking Viking bread from Archeosoup Productions. I am fortunate to live in the land of Organic Grocery Stores Which Carry Non-Standard Grains, so I picked up the necessary ingredients last […]

Sherwood Forest, Home to Vikings

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“The site of Thynghowe is located at the summit of Hanger Hill on the boundary of Budby, Warsop and Edwinstowe parishes, on the edge of Birklands wood, the home of the world famous Major Oak (the legendary hideaway of Robin Hood) and the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve, and was the location of a meeting […]


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