An Altar for Jormundgandr

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Most of my recent Great Clay Experiment was a disappointment. I found the Premo! Sculpey almost impossible to work with, and then it lost its shape while baking, so the pieces were ruined. A prayer card holder with a warped support doesn’t work very well. The one thing that did work well—although not as expected—was […]

Oracular Arts and Crafts: Altar Candle Holders

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As one of my Patreon perks, I offer patrons a dedicated candle on my Community Altar each month. While I use regular taper candles for the dedicated candles, I use chime candles for the four directions. They take about a half hour to burn, which is the amount of time I like to spend meditating […]

Oracular Arts and Crafts: A Rune Casting Tapestry, Part 3

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Subtitled: A Little More Verdandi, a Lot Less Penelope. Yesterday was a cold and rainy day, perfect for sitting by the fire and weaving—so that’s what I did! I was having trouble with this part, because the technique I used to interlock the black and red in the bottom section wouldn’t work for this section, […]

Oracular Arts and Crafts: A Rune Casting Tapestry, Part 2

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I’ve spent rather a lot of time weaving. Not that one can tell from the current state of the project, because this is all A Learning Experience, both in terms of the manual skill, and also in terms of learning to work with Verdandi. Fortunately, She is patient, and seems more amused than anything at […]

Oracular Arts and Crafts: A Rune Casting Tapestry

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I took a basic tapestry weaving class with the delightful Lou Grantham, proprietor of San Francisco Fibre, in August. So of course I know everything about how to weave a tapestry now! (Cue raucous laughter from offstage.) As with all arts, weaving is best practiced by doing it. I’m certainly not ready to take on something […]


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