Bindrunes Workshop Worksheets

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Thank you to everyone who attended my Bindrunes workshop at PantheaCon! You can find the Rune Meanings Quick Reference Worksheet here, and the Bindrune creation worksheet here. I’d love to see the bindrunes you create—feel free to email me with your work! It’s always wonderful to see how creative people are with them.  

Today! “Bindrunes for Magical and Practical Purposes” at PantheaCon 2019

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Good morning, PantheaCon! Happy Saturday! Today at 1:00 PM in the Boardroom (2nd floor), I’ll be presenting “Bindrunes for Magical and Practical Purposes.” While you can combine runes to create words (who doesn’t like spelling their name in other alphabets?), runes can also be combined to join their energies for magical purposes. Bindrunes can be […]

“Tarot and Joy” Workshop Handouts

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I had a wonderful group for my “Tarot and Joy” workshop tonight in the PantheaCon Divination Suite! Thank you to John and Fred for inviting me to speak! I’m sharing the workshop handouts for those who were not able to attend! The worksheet with the reading spreads is here: The sheet of quotes is […]

PantheaCon 2019 – Where to Find Me!

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I’ll be at PantheaCon 2019 all weekend! In fact, we came down this afternoon and are settled into the hotel. Friday, I will be at The Divination Hospitality Suite hosted by John Hyatt and Fred West (Room 947), presenting “Tarot and Joy”. We usually turn to Tarot for answers when we’re stressed, depressed, or facing […]

UK Tarot Conference 2019—Program Announced!

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I can finally announce this publicly! I will be one of the speakers at the UK Tarot Conference in London, October 11 – 12, 2019! The amazing speaker roster features Mary K. Greer, Caitlin Matthews, Katrina Wynne, Avril Price, Richard Abbot—and me! This year’s theme is “The Tower”, as it’s the 16th year of the […]


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