“Tarot and Joy” Workshop Handouts

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I had a wonderful group for my “Tarot and Joy” workshop tonight in the PantheaCon Divination Suite! Thank you to John and Fred for inviting me to speak! I’m sharing the workshop handouts for those who were not able to attend! The worksheet with the reading spreads is here: http://bit.ly/2Ig1JAL The sheet of quotes is […]

Mystical Fashion from – the Financial Times?

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Next up on the “mystical fashion” train is this photo spread from the Financial Times (not your usual source for fashion news, but if you are a fashionista, do check them out—their weekly fashion columns are quite good coverage, or so I have been told by Those Who Know). First, the Tarot Reader. You, too, […]

Winter Solstice Spread

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I created this spread as part of my meditations in preparing the Community Altar for December. I hope you find it helpful! Winter Solstice Spread by Anastasia Haysler 1. What do I need to see in myself? 2. What do I need to know about myself? 3. How can I better love myself? 4. What […]

Weekly Insight from the Oracles for December 16, 2018

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The Weekly Insight from the Oracles is live on my Patreon! Thank you to my wonderful supporters! Not a Patron yet? Click through to find out all the perks waiting for you!

The Tarot Devil: Avoidable Evil

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I was going through some old files today, and found my notes from a workshop I presented on the Devil in Tarot. At the time, there was a string of highly public insider trading cases which caught several people in its web, starting with Michael Milken, Dennis Levine, Martin Siegel, and Ivan Boesky. Sadly, this […]


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