In Memoriam: For Darin

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Requiescat In Pace, Darin, beloved nephew. Passed into the next life this morning at age 35, 35 minutes before the return of the Light. Love to your wife, Emily, who made a life with you. Love to your sons, Max and Miles, who are the continuation of your life. Love to your parents, who gave […]

If You Can’t See Where You’re Going, Slow Down

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This is an updated version of my original post from 2010. I still miss you, Mom. Thirty-three years ago today, my mother died. She was 43 years old. She was killed in a car accident. She was traveling a dark country highway. Approaching an intersection with another road, she had the right of way. The […]

Daily Poem: Dear Death ~ David Hernandez

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Dear Death ~ David Hernandez Cool cloak. So goth. I dig how the pleats ripple like pond water when you move, and the hood shadows the absence of your face. Sweet scythe, too. The craftsmanship of the wooden handle, how smooth the slow curve. I had to look it up—it’s called the snath (rhymes with […]

The Tot Zover (Dutch Funeral Museum) in Amsterdam

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While searching the internet for something else entirely, I found the site for Tot Zover (the Dutch Funeral Museum) in Amsterdam. As I was actually in Amsterdam at the time, I took advantage of this information, and took myself to the museum the next day. It’s convenient to Tram Line 9, which leaves from Centraal […]


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