Community Altar for February 2018

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This month’s Community Altar is my Sigyn altar, rather than the standalone altar I usually create. I had some ideas about what to do this month, but wasn’t pleased with any of them. The resulting disarray on the Community Altar was indicative not only of the state of external situation of the community and world, […]

Community Altar for November 2017

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November 11 is commemorated in many western countries as Armistice Day, Remembrance Day, Veterans’ Day, or by a similar name. The original day was established in observance of those who had served in World War I, at the time called “The War to End All Wars”; now in the US, it is a day to […]

Community Altar for September 2017

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I posted this on Patreon earlier, and realize I hadn’t managed to post it here! This month’s community altar focuses on the idea of harvest, being September and all. The centerpiece is a line art drawing of a sheaf of wheat, on which I wrote my wishes for us all to harvest this year: peace, […]

Community Altar for June 2017

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The theme for this month’s community altar is “Fathers”, because Father’s Day here in the US is June 18. The images are Loki, standing between his biological father, Farbauti, and his foster-father, Surt. I couldn’t find a good image of Surt, so instead I am using a photograph of the eruption of the Fimmvörðuhálsi volcano […]

Oracular Arts and Crafts: Altar Candle Holders

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As one of my Patreon perks, I offer patrons a dedicated candle on my Community Altar each month. While I use regular taper candles for the dedicated candles, I use chime candles for the four directions. They take about a half hour to burn, which is the amount of time I like to spend meditating […]


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