Community Altar for July 2018: Sunna

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It’s July, and peak summer here in the Northern Hemisphere. While I am not a fan of summer (I am a winter person, and am happiest when it’s cold and dark), I understand that many people love summer and thrive in the light and heat. Also, I understand basic science, and know that we cannot […]

Community Altar for June 2018: Loki, the Father

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Since June is the month we celebrate Father’s Day here in the US, this month’s community altar celebrates Loki in his role of Father. If you’ve read the myths, you know that Loki has children. Many children. He is also portrayed as a protector of children, especially in the Loka Táttur. This delightful Tumblr post […]

Community Altar for May 2018: Mothers of the Norse Pantheon

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This month’s Community Altar is dedicated to Mothers of the Norse Pantheon, being as May is when Mother’s Day falls in the U.S.   A closer view: From left to right: Frigg, Sigyn, Bestla, Laufey, Angrboda. The Frigg image is from Pinterest (no artist credit, despite searching for one) and the other four images are […]

Community Altar for February 2018

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This month’s Community Altar is my Sigyn altar, rather than the standalone altar I usually create. I had some ideas about what to do this month, but wasn’t pleased with any of them. The resulting disarray on the Community Altar was indicative not only of the state of external situation of the community and world, […]

Community Altar for November 2017

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November 11 is commemorated in many western countries as Armistice Day, Remembrance Day, Veterans’ Day, or by a similar name. The original day was established in observance of those who had served in World War I, at the time called “The War to End All Wars”; now in the US, it is a day to […]


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