Community Altar for November 2018: Kuan Yin and Kali

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November has been a complicated month in global politics. Well, really, what month isn’t complicated? But with the elections in US and Brazil, and the ongoing Brexit negotiations, I have felt extra stress around the political events, both locally and internationally. While the US elections went better than many feared, and progress was made, we […]

Altar for Laufey and Farbauti

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A corner of my Loki altar is dedicated to his parents, Laufey and Farbauti. I couldn’t find candle holders that fit the miniature oil lamps I have, so I made my own! They’re round holders, shaped to fit the oil lamps, and each has a separate disk it rests on for additional stability. The images […]

Community Altar for October 2018: Hel and The Ancestors

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This month’s community altar is dedicated to the Goddess Hel, and to the Ancestors. This month’s altar is simple, and yet rich with symbols. The flower bouquet is half carnations (flowers of springtime) and half mums (flowers of autumn, traditionally associated with death), reflecting the two halves of Hel’s body, and the realities of our […]

A Gift for Angrboda

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Wandering through the crowd outside the Ferry Building in San Francisco recently, I scanned the various crafts booths as I walked. Mostly the usual items—jewelry, artwork, clothing, and ceramics. And then—ooh, shiny!—a table with a long glass case containing many knives. So of course I had to stop to look! The artisan is Duckhee Lee […]

A New Item for Loki’s Altar

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Because, if there’s anything He likes, it’s a new toy!   Yes, that is an authentic Marvel “Thor: Ragnarok” Hot Wheels Loki car in the corner of the altar! The helmet isn’t detachable, but that’s probably for the best—I’d end up removing it and putting it back, over and over, giggling madly, instead of, you […]


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