Just So We’re Clear

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This is a representation of Loki, from the Norse myths: This is a photo of Tom Hiddleston, a highly talented British actor: who plays a comic book character called Loki in movies created by Marvel Comics, and who has very little to do with the traditional Norse God: As adorable as Mr. Hiddleston is (and […]

A New Car for Raven Kaldera

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If you follow my Daily Draws, you know that my primary reading deck is The Giants’ Tarot, a group creation put together by Raven Kaldera. Raven travels often to teach and do healing work, and needs a reliable car. Unfortunately, his car called it quits returning from his most recent trip, and he needs a […]

My New Patreon Page!

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I have taken the plunge into the seas of Patreon! I’ve set my Creator Page, and am ready to fly! If you’re not familiar with Patreon, it’s an online community where people can support artists who are creating interesting work—writing, painting, comics, movies, whatever you can think of—by making small (or large!) monthly payments to […]

A Daily Opportunity

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Nothing is so often irretrievably missed as a daily opportunity. ~ Marie von Ebner-Eschenback Some experiences are rare, perhaps even once in a lifetime—the chance to compete in the Olympics, or to see the competition in person. When those opportunities arise, we surprise ourselves with our ability to gather resources and devise plans to make […]

Welcome to the Iron Wood!

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Welcome to my new blog! I still have some tidying up to  do with the theme, so bear with me while I and my fabulous designer, Chris Lowrance, put in the finishing touches. Why “the Iron Wood”? That’s the realm of Angrboda, who came into my life early last year and has been a constant […]


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