Blog Recommendation: Fjorn’s Hall

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For students of All Things Norse, I recommend the blog “Fjorn’s Hall“. In the persona of Fjorn the Skald, the writer presents history, lore, and other information regarding the sagas and the Norse peoples. The site is well-designed, and it’s easy to find information. Fjorn does a podcast, which is an excellent use of your listening […]

The Daily Poem Returns!

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I miss posting the Daily Poem, and some of my lovely readers have said they miss the poems as well. So, starting May 9, the Daily Poem returns! With the usual provisos: daily is usually Monday through Friday, rarely on the weekend, and subject to the vagaries of my travel schedule and occasional bouts of […]

Posting Resumes

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I’ve been offline for most of the past ten days. It’s been a difficult time for my family, with two deaths bracketing the end-of-year holidays, and traveling for my grandmother’s funeral. I’m back in town, and back at my desk, so posting will resume on January 9, 2018. Thank you for your patience during the […]

A Short Vacation

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I’m offline (way, way offline in the 16th century!) through Monday, May 15. Regular postings will resume on May 16. Thanks!

Just So We’re Clear

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This is a representation of Loki, from the Norse myths: This is a photo of Tom Hiddleston, a highly talented British actor: who plays a comic book character called Loki in movies created by Marvel Comics, and who has very little to do with the traditional Norse God: As adorable as Mr. Hiddleston is (and […]


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