Cake and Ancestors

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I am pleased that eating cake is not only gratifying, it is also an act which honors the ancestors. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to honor my ancestors. (This is today’s Candorville comic, by artist Darrin Bell.) [Image description: A four-panel comic, featuring a woman and a man leaning forward against a […]

What a Wonderful Morning!

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Today, I woke up in a country that is led by people who understand that science is good and fascism is bad. What a wonderful morning! [Image description: A double rainbow against a blue sky, over green field with trees at the back.]

Alonzo King On Dance, Life, and Humanity

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Choreographer Alonzo King did an interview with George McCalman of the San Francisco Chronicle recently. Even if dance isn’t a particular interest for you, I recommend taking the time to read the interview. King is passionate about dance, about life, and about humanity, and his words apply to everyone, dancer or otherwise. [Image description: A […]

Goodbye, 2020

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A succinct summation of 2020: [Image description: A white signboard with black letters spelling out, “Just say Yikes and Move On”.’ It’s going to take time to recover from this year, but at least it’s finally ending. And now I’m off to burn my 2020 calendar, just for good measure.

Why Shopping Local Matters—An Essay by Stephen D. Mayer

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Anyone who has spent more than a few minutes on my blog knows that I am very much in the Shop Local / Shop Small / For The Sake Of All That Is Good In The World Do NOT Buy At Amazon camp. This essay by Stephen D. Mayer, co-owner of Books Inc. with his […]


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