One Nice Thing: The Digital Library of the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica

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The Embassy of the Free Mind, aka the House with the Heads, houses the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica, an Amsterdam museum and library, “a place where you can find wisdom from all over the world, where images and texts will tell you centuries-old stories created by free thinkers.” They are in the process of digitizing their […]

One Nice Thing: San Francisco by Starlight

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I’ve lived here since 1985, and I’ve never seen it this clear. Enjoy!

Sometimes, a Post Just Happens

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Like all socia media channels, Tumblr has its less-than-great parts, but then it makes up for it with a gem like this:

Runes in Unexpected Places: Ziu on . . .

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One of my friends from long ago, Jamais Cascio, is a well-regarded futurist, who writes amazing thought pieces on his blog “Open the Future” and for various publications. His most recent piece on Medium is “Facing the Age of Chaos”, which opens with this image: My first thought was, “That’s Ziu, reversed!” Ziu—reversed—was my rune […]

Quarantine Coping, Part 1

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These are things I’ve been doing that help me. Feel free to use, adapt to your own situation, or ignore if they’re not helpful. I’ll be posting these intermittently, as I manage to write them up. They’ll be tagged “Quarantine Care”, if you want to use the tag search to find them instead of scrolling. […]


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