Shiny Objects and Ancestors

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The article is brief, but it does give credit where credit is due. The box of talismans and charms is the property of one of ten people found together in the ruins of Pompeii, all of whom are women or children, in a room in the servants’ quarters of a family home. The scientists speculate […]

Not My Job

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I recently ventured into San Francisco for a routine medical appointment. I was chatting with the lab tech, who noticed the hematite I was wearing. He commented that he preferred lighter stones, such as rose quartz, as they matched his energy better. We chatted a bit about energy work. I commented that dealing with the […]

Called Out, or Called Upon?

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A friend sent me this from Twitter. I *had* to share it, of course, so up it went on my Facebook wall. Some of my friends replied that they felt called out by it—as did I. I thought about it, then replied, “I am trying to think of it less as being called out for […]

Close the Camps Demonstration, July 2, 2019

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Tried to get photos from the Close the Camps demonstration outside Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office yesterday, but only one came out. The demonstration moved into the street at Montgomery, so SFPD rerouted traffic back up Montgomery to clear it and Post Street. Several of the demonstrators helped guide traffic to get the drivers back on […]

Rest Is Not Optional

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One of the things that is painfully out of balance about our current culture is that it does not value rest. We are supposed to be doing something every minute of the day, and that’s simply not healthy. Even our hunter-gatherer forebears and agrarian societies had times of rest. I read one book (don’t ask […]


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