Your Opinion Is Not Required

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A few months ago, a friend went through a harrowing medical situation with a family member. In discussing it with a small group of friends, she expressed her gratitude for the nurses who had carefully tended her relative and encouraged her and the family during the recovery process. Another person in the group commented, “I […]

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

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  This is my travel water bottle. It’s decorated with swans (imagine that!) and goes with me in the car, on plane trips, wherever I go that it makes sense to have a water bottle. I was recently working the registration desk at a conference which takes place at a university. It’s summer, so there […]

L!fe Notebook

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I have been grumpy for a while. Seriously cranky and irritable and generally displeased with everything since mid-March, when I caught a cold on a business trip, and spent 12 days in Europe, unable to breathe and running a fever and not having a good time in any way, while doing business and missing out […]


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A couple of years ago, we had our back yard cleared of the overgrown flora so we could replant and xeriscape. A friend adopted the rose bush (that is, she spent an afternoon digging it up and moving it to her place). Roots persist. This photo is from today.

David Palladini: An Appreciation

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Dear David, Today would have been your 73rd birthday. You left this world, and the people who love you, just a few weeks ago, but it feels like an eternity. I had hoped to have one more visit with you, one more chance to hold your hand and see you smile, while I tell you […]


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