UPG Is a Reconstructionist Practice

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UPG = Unverified Personal Gnosis. If you are not familiar with this term, or why some people have issues around UPG vs. Historical Lore, I recommend this article by John Beckett and this article from The Rational Heathen as background. I spend a fair amount of time on Academia.edu, a wonderful trove of well-researched, well-considered […]

Sigyn, Pain, and Grief—and Healing

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As the Mourning Mother, Sigyn understands your pain when you grieve. She understands your rage at the unfairness of life, and she understands your desire to strike back, and your impotent fury that there is no real way to do so. Sigyn reminds you to feel your pain, to weep your tears, to let your […]

2020 Is What Happens . . .

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A friend of mine who doesn’t read Tarot sent this to me:   Here’s hoping the remainder of the year is more Tarot and less CAH! [Image description: A photo of a man standing behind the counter at a cafe. The chalkboard at the front of the counter reads, “2020 is what happens when you […]

All Shall Be Well, and All Shall Be Well, and All Manner of Things Shall Be Well

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All shall be well, And all shall be well, And all manner of things shall be well. —Julian of Norwich Two-and-a-half minutes of beauty and peace for your day.  

Piracy, Again

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Today I saw yet another post on Tumblr with a link to a site with “Free PDFs of Witchy Books!”, which had over 93,000 notes (likes and reblogs, for those not familiar with Tumblr speak). Many of the books on this list are still in print, and the publishers are fairly vigorous about enforcing copyright […]


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