If You Can’t See Where You’re Going, Slow Down

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This is an updated version of my original post from 2010. I still miss you, Mom. Thirty-three years ago today, my mother died. She was 43 years old. She was killed in a car accident. She was traveling a dark country highway. Approaching an intersection with another road, she had the right of way. The […]

And Then There’s Farbauti: Thoughts on Loki’s Father

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The subject of Farbauti came up on Tumblr in this post, and, well, I Have Thoughts. Pull up a chair, choose a beverage, and let’s chat about Farbauti. We know very little about him from the myths, as the few mentions are both fragmentary and filtered through the lens of the Christian scholars who wrote […]

Spending and Offering

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From the Online Etymology Dictionary: PIE root *spend—“to make an offering, perform a rite” (PIE stands for Proto Indo-European) When we choose to purchase an object, whether it’s a necessity such as food, or a luxury such as a piece of jewelry, we are engaging in the ritual of commerce. While shopping seems to be […]

June Gloom

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For those unfamiliar with the phenomenon, “June Gloom” refers to the fog which lingers off the coast of Northern California during the summer. Everywhere else in North America is sunny and bright, but we are blessed with prolonged cool weather and overcast skies all month. “It is June.  I am tired of being brave.” ~ Anne […]

Brain Chemistry vs. Reality: Serotonin Doesn’t Care

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My brain chemistry doesn’t care about my privilege, whether actual or attributed. Yes, I am a white, middle-class woman with a college degree, and those things give me advantages. But my brain chemistry doesn’t care about any of those things. I have a good job, working with reliable colleagues and (mostly) reasonable clients. I have […]


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