Doing the Homework

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I fell into a Tumblr discussion yesterday about the need to read as part of developing a spiritual practice. This was a discussion among heathens, so the reading was specifically focused on the sagas and lore, but it applies to any spiritual practice. There are many ways to work with the gods, and for many […]

Judgment and Compassion

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Being judgmental runs deeply in my family line. It was my family’s favorite indoor sport, and every one of my relatives had a quick mind a sharp tongue to express their disapproval of the current trespass under discussion. The god-fearing church ladies loved their neighbors as they loved themselves, but that didn’t stop them from […]

Odin’s Laundry

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And today in “what does this dream mean?”: In the dream, I was somewhere, indoors, with Odin, standing in front of what looked like a walk-in bathtub. It was actually a clothes washer, divided into two unequal sections. It was filling with water, so I quickly closed the doors so it wouldn’t overflow onto the […]

Officially A Cranky Old Woman

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Woot! I am officially a Cranky Old Woman! My letter to the editors at the San Francisco Chronicle was published!   This is the article on Minnijean Brown-Trickey, which was not important enough to be on the front page of the main section, but was instead relegate to the Local News section.   This story about five white […]

If You Can’t See Where You’re Going, Slow Down

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This is an updated version of my original post from 2010. I still miss you, Mom. Thirty-three years ago today, my mother died. She was 43 years old. She was killed in a car accident. She was traveling a dark country highway. Approaching an intersection with another road, she had the right of way. The […]


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