Weather Report of the Second Day of Fimbulvetr

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Welcome to the second day of Fimbulvetr. Today’s weather report is from Nat King Cole, providing a lighter take on the eerie empyrean event which continues today.

The First Day of Fimbulvetr?

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The still photo shows the skies above my house this morning. The sun is shining in other parts of the world, so Fenris has not yet eaten the sun, but today feels like a warm day in Fimbulvetr.     [Image description: Trees outlined in silhouette against a dark orange sky.]

Pollack’s Standard Tarot Time

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I am fortunate to count among my correspondents the wonderful and wise Rachel Pollack. She dated a recent letter to me as Hierophant Lovers Judgment Judgment (May 6, 2020), which led me to thinking about Tarot and dates while I lay awake the other night. (Insomnia can be productive, although you do have to sleep […]

Cultural Identity, Racism, and the Lens of “Us”

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My dear friend and honored colleague Corvid Longcoat pointed me to this piece on “Ethnic and Cultural Identity” as defined by archeology in the early Celtic period as part of a larger discussion about racism in modern paganism, and particularly in the Norse/Heathen traditions. We engaged in discussion, and this blog post is the result. […]

Kindness to Others Is Kindness to Self—It’s Science!

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Today’s One Nice Thing is also science news:  This article titled “Not so random acts: Science finds that being kind pays off” by Seth Borenstein (science professor at New York University and science writer for the Associated Press). Borenstein opens with “Research shows that acts of kindness make us feel better and healthier. Kindness is […]


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