Shower Thoughts—Captured!

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It’s a bit of a popular joke that we humans have our best ideas in the shower, where it’s impossible to write them down. There are multiple blogs that are based on sharing thoughts from the shower (varying from mildly amusing to quite insightful). And it has a basis in reality—when we’re in the shower, […]

One Nice Thing: The Elecams at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

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I love elephants, and find them fascinating. Such majestic creatures, and also playful and clever! The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee provides a home, haven, and herd for rescued elephants on their property. Currently, 11 elephants are in residence, enjoying companionship with other elephants and care for their well-being. The Sanctuary has fourteen cameras set up […]

One Nice Thing: A Walk through Florence, Italy

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While the occasion is nothing to celebrate (the streets are empty because everyone is sheltering in place due to the virus), this video of some of the major sites of Florence, Italy is amazing. Instead of the virus, just imagine that it’s *very* early morning, which is why the streets are empty. If you want […]

One Nice Thing: Museum Collections Coloring Pages

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Launched by The New York Academy of Medicine Library in 2016, Color Our Collections is an annual coloring festival on social media during which libraries, museums, archives and other cultural institutions around the world share free coloring content featuring images from their collections. The coloring books are maintained on the NYAML site for people to […]

One Nice Thing: Bird Cams!

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More wildlife cams via Audubon! Bears! Ospreys! Flamingos! Manatees! and many others from all over the world. Just because you’re sheltering in place doesn’t mean you can’t visit Brazil, Ecuador, Tanzania, or even California.


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